Sàn thể thao SI-PU
Mã SP: Sàn thể thao SI-PU
Vật liệu SI -PU chuyên dụng cho sàn thể thao đa năng trong nhà và ngoài trời mới.
Với vật liệu này, chúng ta đúc sàn thể thao hoàn thiện trong nhà hoặc ngoài trời bằng chất liệu nhựa SI-PU giống như chúng ta đúc (làm) đường xe chạy.
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Sàn thể thao bằng SI-PU

Sàn thể thao bằng vật liệu SI -PU

Sàn thể thao SI-PU cho phép mưa gió thoải mái

Sàn thể thao đa năng bằng công nghệ SI-PU

Công nghệ SI-PU do Công ty Tiến Phát Hưng Sport nhập khẩu và thi công dựa trên các chuyên gia nước ngoài thực hiện.
Bằng công nghệ SI-PU cho phép chúng ta sử dụng sàn thể thao ngoài trời hàng chục năm mà vẫn không lo bị hư

Vậy, công nghệ SI-PU thể thao là gi?


SI PU Sport surface coating is anewest sport surface coating material.

SI PU Sport surface coating"sfeatures:

Whether you are running, dribbling, or stationary, and its moderate elasticityof varicose and closed back layer technologies provide a high degree ofcomfort;

2.Shock Absorption
When the SI PU coating withstand transient shocks, its 63% were absorbed by theground system to protect athletes well;

3.High Wear Resistance
Surface layer is high strength silicone resin particle material, the uniquetwo-tier structure. It has high wear resistance than ordinary product, enhancethe service life of up to 28%;

4.High Adhesive
A result of a unique nano-technology, fine high-strength nano-materials, SI PUmaterials can penetrate the pore in different base, resulting in superioradhesion, improved bonding with the base;

5.Product Stable
In terms of R & D, production and testing, we have a scientific andadvanced management methods, to make sure the stability of products quality;

6.Technology Stable
The rebound performance, shock-absorbing and friction coefficient from big ballor small ball can be throughout the Nano Si PU system, and to maintain itstechnical stability;

Applies to indoor and outside basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyballcourts, badminton courts, handball court, leisure venues, gym and many othersports on the ground. It could provide the ideal solution for the beauty of thefacility and the multi-function request;

8.Easy Installation
Could construct the basis of asphalt concrete or the old and new cementconcrete directly, all materials are packing in barrels classified according tothe proportion, construction according to instructions, simple operation andconvenient;

9.Simple Maintenance
Contains a stain-resistant additives, stains will not penetrate the surfacelayer, simply wash with water only, keep it fresh

10. Environment Friendly
Water as curing agent, does not contain benzene, free cyanolipid, cyanideesters, aldehydes and other toxic ingredients. It is not adding any toxicsubstances or heavy metals when constructing, that are truly environmentallyfriendly products.

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